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What is Phoner?

Phoner is a freeware application for Microsoft Windows, from Win7 up to Win10.

This application enables voice connections to landline , cellular network and VoIP .Phoner can be used as softphone on stationary and mobilecomputer devices attached to anlogue or digital (ISDN) subscriber lines and as SIP client.


Is Phoner for free?

YES! Phoner  is freeware. Phoner can be used in private and commercial environment. It can distributed for free. Phoner is NOT open source. For more information regarding the license, see here .


What modes does Phoner support?


SIP  is the most used protocol for establishing voice calls over IP connections. By supporting SIP, Phoner can contact a wide range of peers like Asterisk and countless VoIP providers. The advantage is, that only a functional Internet connection is required.


If the PC is connected to a PBX or PSTN with an ISDN terminal adapter , all supplementary services supported by CAPI  can used. The PC then acts like a normal ISDN phone. CAPI drivers will be provided by the manufacturer of the ISDN hardware.


TAPI  is a generic interface for all kinds of communication hardware. It can be a PBX,a telephone or a built-in PC hardware. This wide range of possibilities can have disadvantages on the other side. This is the reason why TAPI development was stopped in Phoner.



PhonerLite is a specialised version of Phoner for VoIP/SIP only. There are no settings for CAPI and TAPI. Therefore configuration of PhonerLite is much easier.


(C) Heiko Sommerfeldt